Popular conceptions drive decisions people make every day, whether it may be what food to eat or what stocks to invest in. Nowadays, ideas and conceptions can spiral into popularity with social media being a huge part of our lives. The positive is that information has become easily accessible to anyone anywhere. A downside, however, is plenty of information feeding into you can be incorrect.
No one is impervious, and that includes real estate.
In an article written in Realtor magazine, Meg White shows common ideas that were picked up and became dogmas in real estate. Through her research, she uncovers that these ideas are actually not true. The following are some popular misconceptions that she discusses:
DIY tendencies will lead to more For-Sale-By-Owners
With widespread availability of information, many realtors may think that the trend in DIY projects causes people to sell houses themselves. However, an increase in DIY provides no evidence that shows causation or even correlation between people who have DIY tendencies and FBOs. This goes to show that we shouldn’t always assume and draw baseless conclusions.

New windows make a home more energy-efficient
This assumption is dangerous, especially in the case where businesses are guaranteeing their windows are making homes more efficient when the reality is not quite what they say. Look for insulation installment to cut down on those energy bills.

Members of generational groups are all the same
This one can be pretty easy to catch on to, because not one person is the same. Researchers often try to find ways to categorize populations to better appeal to their target group. However, that doesn’t mean we all fit in a certain box.

Traditional zoning is always the answer
You can find similarity between this point and the previous- each plot of land is unique and has its own type of set up. Granted there are areas that can only stay residential due to Homeowners and such, BUT there are properties that can be re-zoned and used differently.There also can be integration between types of spaces, depending how you would want to utilize your land- you can get creative with it.

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Posted: 6-20-2018 12:10PM EDT