How Can West World Properties Help Me?


Whether you’re in the market for a residence, investment property or business relocation, purchasing and selling Real Estate involves many important considerations and decisions. We provide the focus, due diligence, and expertise needed to help you navigate during the transaction process.


Having the right Real Estate professional by your side can greatly improve your purchasing/selling experience, and remember: We Work for YOU.


Please be aware that not every agent will perform all of these services for their clients, but we take pride in meeting or exceeding your expectations in every one of these tasks.

Foreign Investors

International investors are subject to different rules than US citizens. Let us help you navigate your international investments with regards to Federal Income and Capital Gains Tax, the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA), and 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges of Real Estate. Our experienced team will guide you in making the most of your investments.


West World Properties, LLC is a seasoned advisory firm that provides Professional Commercial Real Estate Consulting Services and Construction Management to Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies.

We are Certified with:
GSA - U.S. General Services Administration
NMSDC - National Minority Supplier Development Council
GWBC - Greater Women's Business Council
WBE - Women's Business Enterprise WEBENC
WOSB - Women-Owned Small Business
MBE - Minority Business Enterprise Minority/Female Business Enterprise M/FBE
Marta - DOT
DBE - Disadvantage Business Enterprise


A Real Estate Syndicate is a method by which smaller investors can group together to buy a larger, more valuable property, which can lead to more returns. This can be an excellent way of invigorating your retirement portfolio. Let us help you in understanding this process and the options you might have.

Broker’s Price Opinion (BPO) and Appraisals for Your Property

We will give you a thorough opinion of the value of your property by brokers who work with your specific property type. The BPO will include sales comparables, competing properties analysis, and written opinion of value.

Projections for the Commercial Real Estate Market

Real Estate Econometrics predicts that the Real Estate market is due to experience cycles of increase and decrease every so often based on Real Estate history and trends. West World Properties will help you to understand the financial risk at any given time when purchasing or how to get the highest return when selling Real Estate.
Adriana has helped save dozens of clients from financial disaster in the Residential market. Her expertise in this area will be crucial in this changing market.

1031 Exchange

The number 1031 refers to a section of the Internal Revenue Code dealing with Capital Gains Taxes. If you are an investor in Real Estate, this will matter to you. 1031 allows you to defer paying your capital gains taxes on a current property until you sell a future property.
We will help you to understand the rules, guidelines, and processes. Then, we will work with you to find the right Specialized Intermediary Company to handle the paperwork.

Tenant Representation

Finding space for an office location and market conditions are crucial aspects of the buying process. West World Properties will assist and represent you in searching and purchasing that perfect spot. We work with all types of businesses to open your office up in Georgia.

Landlord Representation

Leasing a property in Commercial Real Estate requires plenty of market knowledge, research, and planning. We provide landlord representation with the quality of service to deliver such requirements and assistance in dealing with prospective clients, as well as effectively placing the Real Estate property on the market. We are here to help select the right business for your property, providing you with risk-free rental at the highest rental price offer.

Business Selling & Acquisitions

With our Certified Business Broker Adriana West, we provide business transfer services to help you in your business journey, whether you are looking to acquire a company or sell your own company.